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Business and Industry

Engine testing at Rolls Royce

The Engineering Department has strong links with industry and through its knowledge exchange team, Lancaster Product Development Unit (LPDU), we are keen to understand how your needs may be met by the resources available. These include not only physical resources but the use of expertise through academics, students and engineers to address problems and exploit opportunities. LPDU are constantly engaged in a wide range of business support initiatives and are particularly focussed towards the SME market.

Working With You

There are is a multitude of ways in which the Department can work with your business, ranging from short, small-scale interventions of support addressing a particular issue to longer, product-development focussed activity. The nature of the work will depend on your needs and could include Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), CASE studentships, direct academic engagement or the recently developed MSc (by Research).

To find out more and for contact details of the staff members within LPDU, please access the website by following the link below.

Lancaster Product Development Unit

The Lancaster Product Development Unit (LDPU) is currently delivering several major European Funded Projects, as well as providing consultancy services, actively exploring research opportunities and delivering against institutional Innovation Fund targets.

See the LPDU website for much more details.