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Radiometrics, Instrumentation and Control

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Detection of explosive substances by tomographic inspection using neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy The design of a portable neutron spectrometer for the characterisation of cosmic rays Powered, IN-vivo POsition Indication for Therapies Use of MOSFET detectors in medical radiotherapy State Dependent Parameter Control / Signal Processing Control System Design / Signal Processing Multi-Arm Mobile Robot System for Nuclear Decommissioning Tasks Model Predictive Control / Signal Processing map of GH site

"Welcome to the website of the Radiometrics, Instrumentation and Control Centre at Lancaster in the UK! We′re a multidisciplinary team of engineering researchers working on the combination of instrumentation and generic control in the context of a broad spectrum of autonomous platforms. Our research is almost entirely collaborative with the engineering sector and other leading academic institutions around the world. Recently, we have delivered solutions to nuclear, medical, aerospace, construction and public sector organisations. I hope you′ll enjoy learning more about what we do. Should you have any questions please drop us an enquiry. We are always interested in bright people and organisations who want to complement our research activities and there are often opportunities in the group."