Week one down!

Our first official project week is complete and we have been working furiously!

Already, we have;

  1. Stripped the car down to it’s bones
  2. Taken all the LV circuitry off the car, recreated and analysed it on a full loom board.
  3. Got to grips with the ins and outs of the AMS
  4. Created Arduino code for plausibility checks
  5. Finalising our chassis design
  6. Defined front suspension dimensions
  7. Identify accumulator cell module configuration
  8. And progressing in many more tasks on top of that!

The momentum is strong within the Lancaster University Formula Student team and we are going to take it forward into the new week! Thanks to the fantastic organisational tool that is Trello, everyone is right on track with plenty of tasks already up and ready to be getting on with.

Lets see what we can achieve in week two!

Coffee count : 52 cups
(We don’t count pumpkin spiced lattes @Jack Bolt)

Team 2018!

Lancaster University Formula Student Team are now completely up and running!

After a week of in depth and intense lectures to get us up to speed with the ins and outs of everything FS, from the balancing of race cars to the implementation of electric power trains and even to the Silverstone event itself, we are raring to go and so excited to get started!

To top it all off, some of our team were able to travel to the Manufacturing Technology Center in Coventry to attend the prestigious Learn To Win event! Such a valuable event, and now we are feeling all clued up with our eyes on the prize!