This week was a tough week for our electrical team as they powered through the Electrical Safety Form!

85 pages detailed every electronic component in the car as well as describing the safety of every circuit in relation to itself and to the rest of the car.

It was a long slog but the report was picture perfect and the team are extremely relieved to have submitted it.

(Also seen here is a sneak peak of our new FS team polo shirts! More to come soon!)

Coffee count = 356


The only thing we enjoy more than seeing our designs come to life, is when we get to manufacture our components ourselves!

This week, half the team have been busy in the workshop milling parts for the suspension while the other half have been making a start on the manufacture of the body work, making the plug from foam profiles which will get sanded down next week!

Coffee count = 329

Shocking Progress!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Milliamp for becoming our sponsors! 

Their services and advice have proved to be invaluable to the design and manufacture of many of our electric systems on our new electric vehicle, and we are extremely grateful!

With their guidance we have had an incredibly productive week on our electric systems and we are really enjoying seeing our circuit designs come to life!

Coffee count = 302

In and Out of Shop

Lots of fantastic bits and pieces are now stocking up inside our work shop this week!

Firstly, a big shout out to our sponsors Sprung Suspension for doing an amazing job servicing our shocks! They look fantastic and are the perfect addition to the rest of our suspension system which is now almost completely finished and ready to go!

Secondly we are also very pleased with our in house uprights which were designed and water jet cut all within the Lancaster Engineering  Department. It’s always good seeing our vehicle get another step closer to completion!

Coffee count = 313

Final Design!

Our final deign is complete!! We are so excited to reveal our vehicle in all it’s glory and we think the bodywork is looking great!

The team had 15 different deigns to choose from, with 3 different nose shapes, 2 different vent profiles and various colour schemes. This year however, we are channeling our inner Lancaster Lions and going bold with a bright red design.

Coffee count : 247

Happy New Year!


Happy new year and happy new car because our chassis is nearly completely manufactured!

Its all coming together now and with our new test rig manufactured we can get to work testing our motors and fine tuning our control. We have looms galore in our workshop and everyone is looking forward to getting it all on the car!

Now just to decide on this year’s colour scheme, we’re thinking racing red this year, ready to make an impact.

Coffee count : 153

Drivers at the ready!


We are all very excited here in the LUFS team as after a grueling battle around the around one of the north west’s best go carting tracks, we have now selected the top 4 drivers of the Lancaster Motorsports Society who will be championing our vehicle on race day! The stakes were high but only 4 could succeed.

On top of that the chassis team are flying ahead and it is now ready for submission! As you can see many other elements are now also slotting beautifully in place.

As the electronics team now have all of the HV circuits fired up and working we are starting to look at getting some body work in place that’s going to be as sophisticated as the design is underneath.

Here’s to 2018, and wishing you a happy new year!


Week Two Antics

week 2 jack

Another fast paced week in the Lancaster University Engineering department!

We’ve hardly got a minute to write this post with all the design work going ahead. We’ve got a whole new suspension system on it’s way to design completion and we are set to break LU records for earliest ever chassis submission!

More exciting developments are on the way as we team up with 3 final year Computing Students to create a customisable LED screen dashboard which will have on board telemetry systems to send all system information back to us in the pits and even back to this website so that you can watch our performance on the race day in real time!

The electronics team are also busy designing a new safety circuit as well as a new HV charging circuit design to create an even more streamlined system to boost efficiency and performance!

Looking forward to week 3!

Coffee count: 87 cups

Week one down!

Our first official project week is complete and we have been working furiously!

Already, we have;

  1. Stripped the car down to it’s bones
  2. Taken all the LV circuitry off the car, recreated and analysed it on a full loom board.
  3. Got to grips with the ins and outs of the AMS
  4. Created Arduino code for plausibility checks
  5. Finalising our chassis design
  6. Defined front suspension dimensions
  7. Identify accumulator cell module configuration
  8. And progressing in many more tasks on top of that!

The momentum is strong within the Lancaster University Formula Student team and we are going to take it forward into the new week! Thanks to the fantastic organisational tool that is Trello, everyone is right on track with plenty of tasks already up and ready to be getting on with.

Lets see what we can achieve in week two!

Coffee count : 52 cups
(We don’t count pumpkin spiced lattes @Jack Bolt)

Team 2018!

Lancaster University Formula Student Team are now completely up and running!

After a week of in depth and intense lectures to get us up to speed with the ins and outs of everything FS, from the balancing of race cars to the implementation of electric power trains and even to the Silverstone event itself, we are raring to go and so excited to get started!

To top it all off, some of our team were able to travel to the Manufacturing Technology Center in Coventry to attend the prestigious Learn To Win event! Such a valuable event, and now we are feeling all clued up with our eyes on the prize!