The Diss is Done


Over the last few weeks our team have been multitasking working on the car with completing their all important group dissertation! The final report was split into three sections: Mechanical, Electrical and Managerial which in total consisted of 473 pages and 112,672 words!

On the 9th of June they were submitted.

Unlike most dissertations, there was no bound paper copy for this beast, instead trees were saved as only an online submission was necessary. However, this did not stop the electrical team getting their photo of this momentous occasion in the sun as shown in the picture above!

Coffee count = 546

An inside view of Lancaster FS

Big p

Lancaster Formula Student team have joined forces with McGill Productions who are creating two professional videos for our FS18 vehicle and we are so grateful that they have now also decided to sponsor our project too!

The first video will show the viewer the processes the team have gone through to create our fantastic electric vehicle while the second video will be a pure promo video to show off our finished car in all it’s glory.

The videos will be shown at our launch event on the 6th of July and then they will be posted up onto our website and social media pages! Watch this space!

Coffee count = 487

Floor Power

concept 1

Our floor design is now complete and with some final tweaks to the bodywork design, our aerodynamic package is ready to be sent off to be manufactured! We are working with one of our sponsors Allscope who are turning our designs into a reality, only a few weeks to go until we get to see it all in the flesh.

Coffee count = 441

And just like that…


And just like that… the motors have been removed from their test rig and perfectly placed into our car. While the finishing touches are being made to our accumulator set up the motors were tested from a separate supply. Finally our wheels have movement and they are fast! Just as predicted, Lancaster are looking like a real threat for this years competition!

Coffee count = 420

Back to Work

blog 1.jpg

Over the last 6 weeks our team have had to take some time off from the car to complete those all important 4th year exams. We are pleased to say that they are all over and now 100% focus can remain on building Lancaster University’s best race car to date!

First thing to be completed was the chassis, welding on all of it’s new tags which were water jet cut for us by our fantastic sponsors K Cut Ltd, meaning it is now ready to be powder coated by our other wonderful sponsors Shermaynes!

Coffee count = 372


This week was a tough week for our electrical team as they powered through the Electrical Safety Form!

85 pages detailed every electronic component in the car as well as describing the safety of every circuit in relation to itself and to the rest of the car.

It was a long slog but the report was picture perfect and the team are extremely relieved to have submitted it.

(Also seen here is a sneak peak of our new FS team polo shirts! More to come soon!)

Coffee count = 356


The only thing we enjoy more than seeing our designs come to life, is when we get to manufacture our components ourselves!

This week, half the team have been busy in the workshop milling parts for the suspension while the other half have been making a start on the manufacture of the body work, making the plug from foam profiles which will get sanded down next week!

Coffee count = 329

Shocking Progress!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Milliamp for becoming our sponsors! 

Their services and advice have proved to be invaluable to the design and manufacture of many of our electric systems on our new electric vehicle, and we are extremely grateful!

With their guidance we have had an incredibly productive week on our electric systems and we are really enjoying seeing our circuit designs come to life!

Coffee count = 302

In and Out of Shop

Lots of fantastic bits and pieces are now stocking up inside our work shop this week!

Firstly, a big shout out to our sponsors Sprung Suspension for doing an amazing job servicing our shocks! They look fantastic and are the perfect addition to the rest of our suspension system which is now almost completely finished and ready to go!

Secondly we are also very pleased with our in house uprights which were designed and water jet cut all within the Lancaster Engineering  Department. It’s always good seeing our vehicle get another step closer to completion!

Coffee count = 313