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February 2010: SuperGen Marine PostDoctoral Training Seminar Series on Automated Control.

Program Schedule

Monday 22nd February

George Aggidis Series Introduction

Dr. James Taylor Automatic Control: An Introduction

Dr. Andy McCabe Why Tune? : A Potted History of WEC Control

Tuesday 23nd February

Dr. Andy McCabe Dynamic Systems Models

Dr. James Taylor Parameter Estimation

Dr. Matt Stables Classical Control Theory

Dr. David Forehand Enhancement of a Wave to Wire Model

Dr. Matt Stables Control Strategies for Marine Energy Devices

Wednesday 24nd February

Dr. Aurélien Babarit Optimal Command Method for the Control of Wave Energy Converters.

Dr. Matt Stables Simulink Control Workshop

Thursday 25nd February

Steve Dalton & Sarah Ellwood Dynamic analysis and control of offshore marine systems using OrcaFlex.

Prof António F. de O. Falcão Control Techniques for Wave Energy Converters.

Kester Gunn Optimisation Theory.

Friday 26nd February

Anup Nambiar Network Integration of an Array of Wave Energy Converters (WECs).

Phil Cross Control of a DC Motor.

George Aggidis Roundup.

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