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Outreach Event (Micro & Nano Systems Conference)

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A European Network of Excellence sponsored event at Lancaster University, UK

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“PATENT-DfMM partners after the DfMM Event, Lancaster 1-4 Oct 2007”


Workshop poster (PDF)
Workshop Programme (PDF)
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Lancaster MNT Event -Design for Manufacture Summit at Lancaster University (1-4 October 2007)

A “Big event” for “Small Systems” was the headline that appeared in the press release from UK journalists covering this event. In the context of the events diary across the globe, 84 delegates can hardly justify labelling this event as “Big” but for the delegates this was indeed a highly significant meeting as it formed the main showcase for the technical work carried out within the FP6 Network of Excellence in Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture (PATENT-DfMM).

Patent-DfMM was set up in 2004 and aimed to bring together researchers from the areas of design, test, reliability and package engineering to create multi-disciplinary teams better able to address key manufacturing challenges in the Micro & Nano Systems space. The intention was that the enhanced capability that could be delivered by this integration process would improve the teams’ potential to attract research funding and stimulate sufficient interest from industry to justify rolling out the teams’ capability through commercial services.

This 3 day conference aimed to pull together the technical research work initiated by the PATENT-DfMM project. This included work fully supported by the project and activities stimulated by the NoE through both partial funding, feasibility projects and mobility.

The presentations delivered were clearly rich in terms of engineering research outputs associated with new concepts for embedded test and packaging technologies, reliability engineering and demonstrator focused activities. The majority of the presentations provided the audience with examples of how collaboration between conventionally isolated disciplines could deliver major benefits. Specific examples here where evident around new application focused work that have been launched by the NoE in the fields of Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) and Micro Electro Fluidics (MEF). In the case of HUMS, embedded test experts, sensor engineers and packaging specialists have come together to drive forward concepts around miniaturised devices able to monitor and test higher level systems. In the case of MEF, fluidic modellers, test engineers and system-on-chip designers have collaborated to deliver concepts around chip based digital fluidics that feature active devices operating across the electronics to Biology interface.

We would like to thank the organisation team including Tina warren and Lorna Quinn from Lancaster University, Patric Salomon of 4M2C for promoting the event and the following presenters for making the event a success : Colin Lambert & Norbert Dumas (Lancaster University), Ayman El-Fatatry (BAE Systems), Marta Rencz (Budapest University of Technology & Economics), Marc Desmuliez & Changhai Wang (Heriot Watt University), Alan Brown (QinetiQ), Chris Bailey (University of Greenwich), Patric Webb (Loughborough University), Mark Begbie (Institute for System Level Integration), Ingrid de Wolf (IMEC), Pascal Nouet (University of Montpellier), Khiem Trieu (Fraunhofer IMS), Drew Murray (CEMMNT), Attilio Frangi & Alberto Corigliano (Polytechnic Milan), Dave Emerson (STFC), Constantin Tibeica & Marius Bazu (IMT), Herve Mathias (Universite Paris- Sud), Hans Kerkhoff, (University of Twente), Martin Driesen (Katholieke Universteit Leuven), Francois Denis (Centre Spatial de Liege), Dagmar Peters & Shayam Praveen(University Bremen) & Gerold Schropfer (Coventor).

Presentations that the organisers have been given permission to distribute are available from the following table. A number of contributions from related activities, in particular the UK 3D-Mintegration ( ) and IeMRC ( ) were integrated into the program to provide “cross-fertilisation between the NoE and these national programs.
Andrew Richardson, University of Lancaster, UK


Day one flyer

Day 1 : 1st October 2007 : Micro & Nano Systems – A new Technology for a new Industrial era.

An outreach day identifying UK capability and facilities, core technologies and access mechanisms across Europe, engineering services, support associations and networks, case studies and new funding initiatives including FP7 and DTI based.
Day two flyer

Day 2 : 2nd October 2007 : Business Development & Industrial Challenges

An education and dissemination day focusing on building business activities that either utilise or target Micro & Nano Systems. Will include tutorials on commercialisation and supply chains, reliability engineering and test. Will showcase new intellectual property developments, methodologies for Micro & Nano Systems design and manufacture, engineering services and demonstrator projects.
Day three flyer

Day 3 : 3rd October 2007 : Collaborative Research & Industrialisation

Technical days focusing on state-of-the-art in design and manufacturing technologies for Micro & Nano based systems. Will present key advances in reliability & test engineering, packaging technologies and system integration together with contributions from the design automation, simulation and modelling communities.
Day four flyer

Day 4 : 4th October 2007 : Reliability and Microfluidics

Technical days focusing on state-of-the-art in design and manufacturing technologies for Micro & Nano based systems. Will present key advances in reliability & test engineering, packaging technologies and system integration together with contributions from the design automation, simulation and modelling communities.


Day 1 : 1st October 2007 : Micro & Nano Systems – A new Technology for a new Industrial era.

10.00 Coffee & Registration
10.30 Welcome Address by Trevor McMillan - Pro Vice Chancellor of Research (Lancaster University)
10.40 PDF of Presentation Micro & Nano Systems, market trends and growth opportunities : Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT (NL)
11.00 PDF of Presentation Micro & Nano Technology facilities in the UK : Professor Hugh Clare
11.30 Coffee Break
11.50 Panel Session : Technology Access Initiatives
  • PDF of Presentation Access to silicon & polymer based technologies for MEMS and bio / fluidic Applications : the Framework VI INTEGRAMplus Consortium : C Pickering, QinetiQ
  • PDF of Presentation Engineering services to support design through to manufacture – The FP6 Network of Excellence clusters :A Richardson – Lancaster University
  • PDF of Presentation Europractice – A public funded organisation providing access to software, technologies and IC services : P Salomon, 4M2C
  • PDF of Presentation Training services in the domain of Micro & Nano Systems : D Koltsov, Lancaster University
13.00 Lunch, Lancaster House
14.30 Case Studies
  • PDF of Presentation Silicon MEMS microphone for hi-fi and industrial applications : Chris Reeves, QinetiQ
  • PDF of Presentation Bio-fluidics applications : Dr Tim Ryan, EPIGEM, UK
15.20 European and Regional Funding Mechanisms for SMEs
  • PDF of Presentation FP7 SME support initiatives (ICT and Capacities) : Gordana Popovic, EC project officer
  • PDF of Presentation AWM Advanced Sensors Initiative : Cristine Cambridge (QinetiQ)
  • PDF of Presentation NEXUS – A European association supporting the SME base : Dr Ayman El Fatatry, BAE Systems
16.10 Closing Remarks & Question Session
16.30 Close
19.00 Evening Meal - Lancaster House Hotel

Day 2 : 2nd October 2007 : Business Development & Industrial Challenges

09.00 Session 1
PDF of Presentation PATENT DfMM Actions & Priorities to March 2008 - A Richardson
09.30 PDF of Presentation Guest Lecture - Systems Engineering" - the foundations for multi-technology integration within the Micro & Nano Systems world. Dr A.El-Fatatry, (BAE Systems).
10.15 Coffee
10.30 Session 2
PDF of Presentation Micro & Nano Systems – Market entry, business practice and supply chains – embedded tutorial – P Salomon (4M2C), D Koltsov, (Lancaster University)
Session 3 : Microsystems Packaging
11.30 PDF of Presentation Microsytems Packaging & Interconnect Roadmap – M Desmulliez, (Heriot Watt University & A Longford, PandA Europe)
11.50 PDF of Presentation Collaborative study on the impact of die attach adhesives on Chip-on-Board technologies for MEMS integration – D Combes & A Brown (QinetiQ), N Cordero (Tyndall)
12.10 PDF of Presentation Package & Assembly Reliability in System-in-Package Technology, C Bailey, (Greenwich University)
12.30 PDF of Presentation New Packaging Technologies for miniaturised products, Patrick Webb, (IeMRC / Loughborough University)
13.00 Lunch
Session 4 : Health & Usage Monitoring & Multi-sensor instrumentation
14.00 PDF of Presentation New Packaging Technologies for miniaturized products, Patrick Webb, (IeMRC / Loughborough University)
14.30 PDF of Presentation Embedded Tutorial – Intelligent multi-sensor arrays for aircraft wiring systems Prof. M Desmuliez (Heriot watt) & A Sutherland (BCF Designs)
15.15 PDF of Presentation The uHUMS Service Cluster – M Begbie, (System Level Integration limited)
15.30 Coffee
Session 5: Reliability & Embedded Test Engineering
15.50 PDF of Presentation Embedded Seminar – MEMS Reliability and Characterisation – I De Wolf, (Interuniversitair Micro-Elektronica Centrum)
16.20 PDF of Presentation Motionless testing of embedded inertial sensors – P Nouet, (CNRS / Universite Montpellier)
16.50 PDF of Presentation Equipment & Services Access across Europe – the PATENT-DfMM Reliability Service Cluster K Trieu (Fraunhofer IMS)
17.10 PDF of Presentation Access to Characterisation Services – D. Murray (CEMMNT)
19.00 Social event coach leaves for Leighton Hall

Day 3 : 3rd October 2007 : Collaborative Research & Industrialisation

09.00 PDF of Presentation Guest Lecture – Technical Advances within 3D-MINTEGRATION : D Topham (Arts & Science), M Desmulliez (Herriot Watt University)
Session 1 : Modelling Technology
09.45 PDF of Presentation Embedded Tutorial : Integrating damping mechanisms into MEMS component models – A Frangi, (Politecnico di Milano)
10.30 Coffee
11.00 PDF of Presentation Modelling electro-wetting phenomena in digital microfluidic systems – D Emerson, (Science and Technology Facilities Council, Daresbury Laboratory )
11.20 PDF of Presentation Stiction modelling in MEMS switches – C Tibeica and V Moagar-Poladian (IMT, Bucharest)
Session 2 : Embedded Test
11.40 PDF of Presentation MEMS Testing through Bias Superposition - N Dumas,( Lancaster University)
12.00 PDF of Presentation Embedded monitoring of Quality Factor in microresonators – Herve Mathias (Universite Paris- sud)
12.20 Embedded test strategies for Bio/Fluidic Microsystems – H Kerkhoff, (University of Twente)
12.40 PDF of Presentation MEMS testing through electro-thermal excitation – M Rencz, (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
13.00 Lunch
Session 3 : Packaging Technology
14.30 PDF of Presentation Low Temperature Polymer Bonding Processes for MEMS Encapsulation – C Wang, (Heriot Watt)
14.50 PDF of Presentation Micro-technology for Space Mission Packaging M(o)ems Reliability - Jerome Loicq (Centre Spatial de Liege)
15.10 PDF of Presentation Laser Assisted Polymer Bonding for MEMS Assembly and Packaging - C Wang (Heriot Watt)
15.30 PDF of Presentation Biocompatible packaging Parylene and PDMS coating of electronic substrates – M Driesden (Katholieke Universteit Leuven)
15.50 Coffee
Session 4 Design Automation & Simulation
16.20 PDF of Presentation Approach for Yield based Design in Microsystems - Shyam Praveen Vudathu (Universitat Bremen)
16.40 PDF of Presentation Design for manufacture Support – G Schropfer, (Coventor)
17.20 Close
20.00 Evening meal Miyabi Japanese restaurant

Day 4 : 4th October 2007 : Collaborative Research & Industrialisation

09.00 Formal Assembly meeting
Session 1 : Reliability
10.00 PDF of Presentation Reliability of MOEMS in harsh Environments – Hoc Khiem Trieu (Fraunhofer IMS)
10.20 PDF of Presentation Reliability Simulation – Methodology & Support for FMEA - Marc Desmulliez (Heriot Watt University)
10.40 Coffee
11.15 PDF of Presentation Hermeticity testing of Zero-Level Packaging - I De Wolf (IMEC, Belgium)
11.35 PDF of Presentation Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing of MEMS Tutorial - M Bazu (IMT, Bucharest)
Session 2 : Microfluidics
11.55 Biodrop Flagship - Hans Kerkhoff (University of Twente)
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Open session FP7 proposals and the future of PATENT-DfMM

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