Lancaster University Emit Group



Engineering Department

Microwave Lab

  • Network Analyser
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Microwave Components

Lithography Lab

(To Be Realized)

  • UV Liga
  • Mask Generation And Alignment

Cockcroft Institute


E-MIT group manages or has access to different laboratories at the Engineering Department and at Cockcroft Institute. The wide amount of experimental resources available are fundamental for a research at the state of the art.

Microwave lab

  • The high power microwave laboratory is a well established facilities fully operative for the research in the field of low frequency vacuum tube and microwave components.
  • A full set of equipment is available (network and scalar analyser, spectrum analyser, power meter, frequency generator.
  • A set of equipments for teaching are available.
  • Implement new applications based on THz frequencies

Lithography And Micro Fabrication Lab

  • This new facilities will include a UV-LIGA process for micro-fabrication of structure to support millimetre wave and THz frequencies.
  • The clean room in the Engineering Department will be equipped with mask aligner, spinner, oven and all the other equipment for realization of micro-structures.